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Major Requirements

The following academic requirements are from the 2016/17 Vassar College Catalogue.

Requirements for Concentration:

10 units, HISP 206 and above. These units must include 2 units from the group HISP 226, HISP 227, HISP 228, HISP 229, and 3 units at the 300 level. Two units must be elected in the senior year. After declaration of the major or correlate, all courses in the department must be taken for a letter grade. Courses taken in Spain or Latin America or during the summer may be substituted with department approval.

Senior-Year Requirements:

Two units at the 300-level. Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors must complete a senior thesis (Hispanic Studies 300).

Teaching Certification

Students who wish to obtain Secondary Certification in Spanish must complete, in conjunction with the program of study outlined by the education department, 8 units of 200-level courses and above in Hispanic Studies.